How to Join DC Canes/Renew Membership

We are always looking for new Canes to welcome to the chapter! Please follow the links below to join the DC Canes or to become more involved if you are already a member.


Dues Information and Renewal Rules

DC Canes is a non-profit Alumni Group. The submission of annual dues allows DC Canes to maintain web space to better communicate with our members and have access to cede money for event planning and fundraising for University of Miami student scholarships.

Members are to renew their membership each year, which includes paying annual dues of $25 per individual or $40 per couple. Members will be sent an annual reminder via email to submit the UMAA Alumni Club Membership Form and dues. Only checks are accepted for due payment.  Checks will be accepted at any DC Canes event by board members.  We are currently working on online options as well.

The Board of Directors of DC Canes reserve the right to discontinue email updates and invitations to events for members who have lapsed on their dues.

The Board of Directors of DC Canes reserve the right to waive annual dues for members who have provided extraordinary service to the DC Canes over the course of the prior year.

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